All about Mohair: the characteristics of this wonderful fibre

Let's discover mohair, one of the most interesting fibres of the moment!

Mohair wool is a fibre obtained from the hair of the Angora goat, a breed that originated in Central Asia and is today mainly reared in South Africa, Turkey and Texas.

It is durable, hard-wearing and distinguished by its high lustre and softness.

It is a very warm fibre in winter, thanks to its excellent insulating properties, while its moisture-absorbing properties ensure coolness in summer.

Perfect for those who like to create garments with a gauzy effect!

Let's find out together what its characteristics are!

Why we recommend Mohair

1. Super Kid Mohair and silk are two refined fibres for long-lasting creations

2. Its gauzy effect combines maximum softness and volume for a truly unique result!

3. It is a perfect material for jumpers or hats, also ideal for novice knitters!

If you would like to find out more or discover our yarns, please visit our Mohair page by clicking here.