We got one planet. One chance.

In Itaca we have one mission: bring the handknitting art in more houses we can. But we want to do that in a sustainable way, environmentally friendly.


Every decision we make is taken to improve the world around us: therefore, we only select raw materials that are not only an expression of the highest quality of Made in Italy, but that also guarantee the correct animals and workers welfare in order to reduce the environment impact around us.

Only natural and sustainable fibers

We select yarns made only with vegetable or animal fibers. The advantages of using this type of products are different. First, the eco-compatibility of the materials, which are coming from renewable sources. In addition, natural fibers are biodegradable and are extracted without the use of toxins or other chemical processes that are harmful to the environment.

Animal welfare

Animal welfare is a crucial point of our philosophy. This theme is connected to the concept of sustainable and ethical development, and the need to preserve biodiversity. This is why we only rely on brands that guarantee the correct treatment of animals.

In fact, our wool brands are certified "Mulesing free" while Cashmere, Alpaca, Mohair, Silk and Linen fibers are carefully selected in order to guarantee the correct treatment of the animals in their farms.

Only yarns from the best Italian brands

Relying on 100% Made In Italy brands does not only mean choosing the highest quality, but also believe in a manufacturing tradition that follows a more artisanal than industrial processes, pursuing a timeless tradition, which is ethical towards the workers who process it. 

Furthermore, our brands are GOTS certified, an internationally recognized standard that allows the production and promotion of textile products that respect the environment and the fundamental social rights of workers.