A landmark for the knitting world, entirely Made In Italy

High quality yarns in just one click

Itaca is the landmark for those who love to knit using top quality yarns, made using only natural fibers that you can easly receive directly to your doorstep with just one click.

In fact, we firmly believe in the values of handmade and eco-sustainability in order to weave together a future of quality and respect for the environment. But at the same time we want the handknitting world to be spread and projected to the future.

Made in Italy by the best Italian brands

Our foundations are based on a solid Biella DNA. City of wool and capital of textile industry, Biella is in fact one of the oldest and famous industrial district in the world.

A tradition that is part of our roots and which is the basis of our selection criteria for raw materials. This is why we offer only 100% Made In Italy yarns, which fully respect our quality standards and are made by producers who follow a more artisan than industrial process, preserving and following an ethical and timeless tradition.

Following the latest trends and colors

We seek the latest stylish trends and colors in order to provide our customers the more updated color palettes and have them always alligned to the latest tendencies.

We want them always inspired and able to knit something fancy and cool and make them able to pick new colors from our vast range of color selections.

But at the same time we love hearing what people really love to knit to put them always in the center.