Winter's trends: discover the best patterns

 Winter is the ideal season to dedicate oneself to knitting. As the cold weather arrives, it becomes even more enjoyable to relax on the couch or in front of the fireplace and devote yourself to a new and exciting project.

But each time, the doubt is always the same: «what am I going to knit this time?»

In this article you will find some useful tips for choosing the right yarn and some ideas for projects suitable for the winter season, to make warm and cosy garments. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, you are sure to find some useful tips. 

The best patterns for knitting in winter

Here is a series of patterns ideal for the colder seasons. You can find all these ideas on Ithaca, as well as the yarns to start your new project.

Sophie Scarf - Petite Knit

The Sophie Scarf is worked back and forth in one piece, from tip to tip in garter stitch with built-in i-cord edges. The smaller size Sophie Scarf reaches around the neck once, while the larger size can wrap around the neck twice.

Discover this pattern here.

Sophie Scarf

Carol Sweater - Irene Lin

Carol Sweater is knitted starting at the edge of the collar and continuing to the body, working seamlessly from the top-down. It used intarsia knitting technique to make the front bands in different colors. The front neckline stitches will be knitted together to form the V-neck.

Discover this pattern here.

Carol Sweater

Empire Pullover - Sesia Tricot

Burgundy is the color of winter! Organic Merino Wool meets Linen for a versatile, casual and chic garment.

Discover this pattern here.

Empire pullover

Davos Beanie - Anjuknits

This is a fun and quick beanie made with the softes brushed cashmere yarn. You will love this hat!

Discover this pattern here.

Davos Beanie